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Rainha Favelada sews chimeras and pearls in wreaths while tearing apart the institution of the romantic, especially where, and in which it despises the participation of dissident bodies in the fulfillment of the sacrament of marriage. SOLITUDE WEDDING is a tributary of Layette, a work composed for the 14th SP-Arte and reproduced in Vesicle, collective in Breu curated by Igi Ayedun. In a series of three photographs, the bride confronts the closed doors of the degraded Holy Sacrament Catholic Church of the Old See in Rio de Janeiro. Overseeing the narratives, supports and elements that make up the marriage pact, bedridden and instituted by whiteness and fundamental in the dynamics of this cystematic and westernized colonial time. Weaving distortions and interested in inventing other land for the bride. Unsettled by the lack of affective irrigation on black quer corps and these life presences projected and inserted in the marriage field and socio-magnetic space.

Solitude Wedding

Exhibited in Galpão Bela Maré, ELÃ Residency

Performance by Rainha Favelada

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